Gansu Lizhitao Trade Development Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Production and sales
Main Products:Lactic acid
Number of Employees:10
Year of Establishment:2019-10-07
Management System Certification:
Origin:Lintao County.Dingxi.Gansu province.China
Average Lead Time:
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Gansu Lizhitao Trade Development Co., Ltd. was established on 2019-10-17. Its industry is wholesale. Its business scope includes: licensed items: import and export agency; food business (sale of prepackaged food); third-class medical device business; food Internet sales (sale of prepackaged food); import and export of goods; import and export of food. (Items subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by the relevant departments. The specific business projects are subject to the approval documents or licenses of the relevant departments.) ***General items: Wholesale of edible agricultural products; sales of knitted textiles and raw materials; household appliances Sales; wholesale of sporting goods and equipment; sales of machinery and equipment; sales of chemical products (excluding licensed chemical products); wholesale of protective equipment for medical staff; purchase of primary agricultural products; wholesale of daily necessities; Sales; Supply Chain Management Services; Conference and Exhibition Services; Housekeeping Services.

Address Room 202, Comprehensive Office Building, Zhongpu Industrial Park, Lintao County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province
Telephone 0086-17318766396