Huangqi honey

Original Price:
USD 17 / Bottles
Minimum Order Quantity:2 Bottles
Production Capacity:10Bottles/Month
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Tianjin Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou-Shenzhen Ningbo Lianyungang
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
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Product Description

Description: Astragalus honey is a high-quality natural honey brewed by bees collected from astragalus flowers during the flowering and flowing of Astragalus. Astragalus honey is easy to crystallize. Crystallization is a natural property of astragalus honey, which is a physical change and does not affect the quality of honey. When astragalus honey is not crystallized, it is clear, transparent or translucent, sticky, light yellow or golden in color; after crystallization, the color is yellow-white, the texture is soft in spring and summer, and the texture is hard in autumn and winter, not drawn, and the particles are small.

MOQ: 2 bottles

Production capacity: self-produced and sold

Payment method: online/offline

Shipping port:

Place of Origin: Min County, Gansu

Delivery method: offline

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Carton Box

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1 - 120


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated

一. Minxian Medicine capital apiculture Co., LTD

Minxian medicine bee industry Limited liability company is minxian investment enterprises. The company registered capital of 5 million yuan, the company has 2 senior animal husbandry division, 1 senior veterinarian, qualified professional beekeeper 13 people, the existing staff 26 people. The company is committed to breeding and breeding to adapt to the regional environment and climate characteristics of Minxian excellent bee species, is committed to the development and production of Yaudu apiculture brand astragalus honey, Codonopsis honey, 100 flower honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and other bee products, is committed to provide technical guidance and bee industry information consulting services for minxian apiary farmers.

二. Adaptive cultivation of excellent and strong bee colonies

Medicine all apiculture limited liability company in Minxian Xijiang town Fukang village, Mawu town Shajin village established three fine species of bee breeding and breeding base, the introduction of mountain bees, forest bees comprehensive breeding to adapt to cold resistance, resistance to plateau, resistance to freezing period long strong swarm bees.

三. Protection and construction of Miyuan Base

Yidu Apiculture Co., Ltd. and farmers' professional cooperatives in Mazichuan town, Xijiang Town, Malu town and other towns have jointly established 16 high quality honey source protection and collection bases to control and guarantee the quality of honey from the source.

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